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Animal / Animal

#1 Snakehead (fish)

The snakeheads are members of the freshwater perciform fish family Channidae , native to parts of Africa and Asia. These elongated, predatory fish are distinguished by their long dorsal fins , large mouths, and shiny teeth. They breathe air with gills, which allows them to migrate short distances ov

#2 Beardslee trout

The Beardslee trout ( Oncorhynchus mykiss irideus f. beardsleei ), formerly Salmo gairdneri beardsleei ) is a local form of rainbow trout endemic to Lake Crescent in Washington . Some sources treat them as a subspecies . Freshwater fish Beardslee trout Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia Phy

#3 List of giant pandas

This is a list of giant pandas , both alive and deceased. The giant panda is a conservation-reliant vulnerable species . [1] Wild population estimates vary; one estimate shows that there are about 1,590 individuals living in the wild, [2] while a 2006 study via DNA analysis estimated that this figur

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Plant / Plant

#1 Clarkia pulchella

Clarkia pulchella also known as pinkfairies , ragged robin , and deerhorn clarkia is a species of flowering plant in the family Onagraceae . Species of flowering plant Clarkia pulchella Scientific classification Kingdom: Plantae Clade : Tracheophytes Clade : Angiosperms Clade : Eudicots Clade : Rosi

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Researcher / Researcher

#1 William Bull (botanist)

William Bull (1828-1902) was an English botanist, nurseryman and plant collector. He was born in Winchester and in 1861 purchased the nursery of John Weeks and Company in King's Road , Chelsea . He introduced into cultivation, plants from other countries, including orchids from Colombia and Liberia

#2 David Lyall

David Lyall (1817–1895) MD, RN, FLS, was a Scottish botanist who explored Antarctica, New Zealand, the Arctic and North America and was a lifelong friend of Sir Joseph Hooker . He was born in Auchenblae , Kincardineshire, Scotland on 1 June 1817. For the British colonial administrator, see David Rob

#3 Hugh Clapperton

Bain Hugh Clapperton (18 May 1788 – 13 April 1827) was a Scottish naval officer and explorer of West and Central Africa . Hugh Clapperton An engraving by Thomas Goff Lupton from a picture by Gildon Manton (1828) Born ( 1788-05-18 ) 18 May 1788 Annan, Dumfriesshire Died 13 April 1827 (1827-04-13) (ag

#4 Ernst Hans Ludwig Krause

Ernst Hans Ludwig Krause (27 July 1859, Stade – 1 June 1942, Domjüch/Neustrelitz ) was a German physician, botanist and mycologist . German physician, botanist and mycologist Ernst Hans Ludwig Krause (1859 – 1942) He studied medicine and botany in Berlin, where in 1881 he received his medical doctor

#5 Johannes Scherbius

Johannes Scherbius (1 June 1769, Frankfurt am Main – 8 November 1813) was a German physician and botanist . [1] German physician and botanist In 1790 he obtained his doctorate of medicine at Jena , later working as a physician in his hometown of Frankfurt. In Frankfurt, he was associated with the Se

#6 Giulio Camus

Giulio Camus , also Jules (1 June 1847, Magny-en-Vexin – 25 January 1917, Turin ) was a French botanist and entomologist . Giulio Camus was a professor at the University of Turin . He wrote L'opera salernitana "Circa Instans" ed il testo primitivo del Grant Herbier en français - secondo due codici d

#7 John Eriksson (mycologist)

John Leonard Eriksson (born 26 March 1921 in Hagfors – died 1 June 1995) was a Swedish mycologist . He specialized in crust fungi of the basidiomycetes , collecting in Sweden (especially in Muddus National Park , the Gothenburg region and Värnamo ), Finland and Canada. [1] Swedish mycologist (1921—1

#8 Anne M. Schot

Anne M. Schot (born 1966) is a Nederlander botanist. Lock at Leidschendam Stedelijk Gymnasium Leiden 2011 Acadamiegebouw (Academy building), Universiteit Leiden Melanitis leda Entrance to Hortus Botanicus Leiden Hortus Botanicus Leiden Nederlander Botanist This article has multiple issues. Please he

#9 Ennafa Nikitina

Ennafa Vasilievna Nikitina (24 November 1893, Tomsk – 1 June 1975, Frunze) was a Soviet botanist, taxonomist of higher plants and specialist in the flora of Kyrgyzstan . She was an Honored Scientist of Kyrgyz SSR and an author of more than 80 scientific papers, including four monographs. [1] Soviet

#10 Christopher Chyba

Christopher F. Chyba is an American astrobiologist , and Professor of Astrophysical Sciences and International Affairs at the Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University . [1] [2] [3] American astrobiologist This article uses bare URLs , which are uninformative and vulnerable to link rot . ( Septemb

#11 Frederick Bayard Hora

Frederick Bayard Hora B.Sc., D.Phil. (1908-1984) was a British mycologist . [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] The standard author abbreviation Hora is used to indicate this person as the author when citing a botanical name . [1] Frederick Bayard Hora, British mycologist Born 1 September 1908 in Hove , he was

#12 George Henry Kendrick Thwaites

George Henry Kendrick Thwaites CMG FRS FLS [1] (9 July 1812, [2] Bristol – 11 September 1882, Kandy ) was an English botanist and entomologist . George Henry Kendrick Thwaites Born ( 1812-07-09 ) 9 July 1812 Bristol Died 11 September 1882 (1882-09-11) (aged   70) Kandy Nationality British Citizenshi

#13 Dixon Denham

Dixon Denham (1 January 1786   – 9 June 1828) was an English soldier, explorer of West Central Africa , and ultimately Governor of Sierra Leone . British explorer and Governor of Sierra Leone An 1826 portrait of Dixon Denham by Thomas Phillips

#14 Frank Nicholas Meyer

Frank Nicholas Meyer (30 November 1875 – 2 June 1918) was a United States Department of Agriculture explorer who traveled to Asia to collect new plant species . [1] The Meyer lemon was named in his honor. [2] American botanist Frank Nicholas Meyer Meyer c.   1909 Born Frans Nicolaas Meijer ( 1875-11

#15 Nathaniel Wallich

Nathaniel Wolff Wallich FRS FRSE (28 January 1786 – 28 April 1854) was a surgeon and botanist of Danish origin who worked in India, initially in the Danish settlement near Calcutta and later for the Danish East India Company and the British East India Company . He was involved in the early developme

#16 Edward Waller Claypole

Edward Waller Claypole (June 1, 1835 - August 17, 1901) was a British American geologist and paleobotanist. Claypole was born in England [1] and educated at the University of London , where he received the degrees of A.B. in 1862, S.B. in 1864, and Sc.D. in 1888. He came to America in 1872 and serve

#17 Gustav Woldemar Focke

Gustav Woldemar Focke (24 January 1810, Bremen – 1 June 1877, Bremen) was a German physician and naturalist. He was a nephew of naturalist Gottfried Reinhold Treviranus . German physician and naturalist Gustav Woldemar Focke He studied medicine at the University of Heidelberg , receiving his doctora

#18 Thomas Mitchell (explorer)

Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell (15 June 1792 – 5 October 1855), surveyor and explorer of Southeastern Australia, was born at Grangemouth in Stirlingshire , Scotland. [1] In 1827 he took up an appointment as Assistant Surveyor General of New South Wales. The following year he became Surveyor General

#19 Johannes Elias Teijsmann

Johannes Elias Teijsmann (1 June 1808 – 22 June 1882) was a biologist, botanist and plant collector. He was born in Arnhem , The Netherlands. His surname is sometimes spelled Teysmann , although he himself spelled it Teijsmann . Johannes Elias Teijsmann Teijsmann travelled to Java in 1830 as gardene

#20 Ernest Stanley Salmon

Ernest Stanley Salmon (1 June 1871 – 12 October 1959) was a British mycologist and plant pathologist best known for his work in breeding new varieties of hops . Salmon crossed a wild Manitoban hop with cultivated English stock to create hybrid C9 a , which was released to commercial cultivation in 1

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Zoo / Zoo

#1 Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo is an 80-acre (32   ha) zoological garden located in City Park of Denver, Colorado , United States. Founded in 1896, it is owned by the City and County of Denver and funded in part by the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD). It is the most visited paid attraction in the Den

#2 John Ball Zoological Garden

John Ball Zoological Garden is an urban park located on the west side of the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan , United States. The John Ball Zoo is situated on the ravines and bluffs along the west edge of the park. Zoo in Michigan, U.S. John Ball Zoological Garden Date opened 1891 [1] Location Grand

#3 Museum of Life and Science

The Museum of Life and Science — previously known as the North Carolina Museum of Life and Science and the NC Children's Museum — is an 84-acre (340,000   m 2 ) science museum located in Durham , North Carolina , United States. Science museum, children's museum, and zoo in Durham, North Carolina Mus

#4 British Columbia Wildlife Park

The British Columbia Wildlife Park is a 106-acre (43   ha) zoo located in Kamloops, British Columbia . Wildlife Park British Columbia Wildlife Park Date opened August 16, 1966 Location Kamloops , British Columbia , CAN Coordinates 50°39′14.41″N 120°4′49.69″W Land area 106 acres (43   ha) No. of spec

#5 Bartolomeu Dias Museum Complex

The Bartolomeu Dias Museum Complex (also spelled "Bartholomeu") is the second biggest provincial museum affiliated to the Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport in South Africa. It is located at Mossel Bay . [1] The Bartolomeu Dias Museum Complex The Bartolomeu Dias Maritime Museum. E

#6 Kamo Aquarium

Tsuruoka Municipal Kamo Aquarium ( 鶴岡市立加茂水族館 , Kamo Suizokukan ) is an aquarium located in Tsuruoka , Yamagata Prefecture , Japan . In 2005, it exceeded Monterey Bay Aquarium in California regarding the number of jellyfish display types and holds the Guinness World Records for this exhibition. [6] T

#7 Almaty Zoo

Almaty Zoo ( Kazakh : Алматы зообақ ; Russian : Алматинский зоопарк ) is the state zoo of the city Almaty in Kazakhstan . The Almaty Zoo is one of the largest and oldest zoological parks in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Zoo in Kazakhstan Алматы зообақ Almaty Zoo Date opened 1936 Location Almaty , Kaza

#8 Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is a 335-acre (136   ha) African-centered animal theme park located in Tampa, Florida , United States. Owned and operated by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment , the park opened on June 1, 1959. The park has an annual attendance consistently exceeding 4 million, often ranking sec

#9 SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando is a theme park and marine zoological park , in Orlando, Florida . It is owned and operated by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment . When combined with its neighbor Discovery Cove and Aquatica , it forms SeaWorld Parks and Resorts Orlando, an entertainment complex consisting of the three

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