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Animal / Animal

#1 List of giant pandas

This is a list of giant pandas , both alive and deceased. The giant panda is a conservation-reliant vulnerable species . [1] Wild population estimates vary; one estimate shows that there are about 1,590 individuals living in the wild, [2] while a 2006 study via DNA analysis estimated that this figur

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Plant / Plant

#1 Kiwifruit

Kiwifruit (often shortened to kiwi in North American , British and continental European English) or Chinese gooseberry is the edible berry of several species of woody vines in the genus Actinidia . [1] [2] The most common cultivar group of kiwifruit ( Actinidia deliciosa 'Hayward') [3] is oval, abou

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Researcher / Researcher

#1 Henry Nathaniel Andrews

Henry Nathaniel Andrews, Jr. (born June 15, 1910, Melrose, Massachusetts ; d. March 3, 2002 Concord, New Hampshire ) was an American paleobotanist recognized as an expert in plants of the Devonian and Carboniferous periods. He was a fellow of the Geological Society of America and the American Associ

#2 François Hérincq

François Hérincq (4 June 1820 – 15 June 1891) was a French botanist and gardener at the Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris. He was also the editor of "L'Horticulteur français, journal des amateurs et des intérêts horticoles" , which was published from 1851-1872, illustrating some 414 plants. [1] T

#3 Augusto Chaves Batista

Augusto Chaves Batista (15 June 1916 – 30 November 1967) was a Brazilian mycologist . He published more than 600 research papers, either alone or in collaboration with others. [1] At the time of his death at the age of 51, Batista was the director of the Instituto de Micologia of the Federal Univers

#4 Francis Buchanan-Hamilton

Francis Buchanan FRS FRSE FLS (15 February 1762 – 15 June 1829), later known as Francis Hamilton but often referred to as Francis Buchanan-Hamilton , was a Scottish physician who made significant contributions as a geographer, zoologist, and botanist while living in India. He did not assume the name

#5 Elso Barghoorn

Elso Sterrenberg Barghoorn (June 15, 1915 – January 22, 1984) was an American paleobotanist , called by his student Andrew Knoll , the present Fisher Professor of Natural History at Harvard, "the father of Pre-Cambrian palaeontology ." [1] American paleobotanist, professor Elso Barghoorn Born Elso S

#6 Jacques Philippe Martin Cels

Jacques Philippe Martin Cels (June 15, 1740 – May 15, 1806) was a French botanist specializing in horticulture . French horticulturalist (1740–1806) "Campanula tomentosa", from E.-P. Ventenat 's Description des plantes nouvelles et peu connues, cultivées dans le jardin de J.-M. Cels Cels was born in

#7 Albert Schatz (scientist)

Albert Israel Schatz (2 February 1920 – 17 January 2005) was an American microbiologist and academic, who discovered the antibiotic streptomycin , [1] the first drug known to be effective for the treatment of tuberculosis . [2] He graduated from Rutgers University in 1942 with a bachelor's degree in

#8 Auguste Cuénod

Auguste Cuénod (15 June 1868, in Saint-Legier-sur-Vevey – 8 February 1954, in Hammamet ) was a Swiss ophthalmologist , known for his work in the fight against trachoma . He studied medicine in Lausanne and Paris, receiving his doctorate in 1894. [1] [2] Afterwards, he relocated to Tunis , where he s

#9 Charles Louis L'Héritier de Brutelle

Charles Louis L'Héritier de Brutelle ( French pronunciation:   ​ [ʃaʁl lwi leʁitje də bʁytɛl] ; 15 June 1746 – 18 August 1800) was an 18th-century French botanist and civil servant. Born into an affluent upper-class Parisian family, connections with the French Royal Court secured him the position of

#10 Denis G. Lillie

Denis Gascoigne Lillie [lower-alpha 1] (27 August 1884 – 13 May 1963) was a British biologist who participated in the Terra Nova Expedition (1910–1913) to the Antarctic . He collected numerous marine animals as well as plants and fossils–many of which were new to science–and published scientific pap

#11 Hippolyte François Jaubert

Count Hippolyte François Jaubert (28 October 1798 – 5 December 1874) was a French politician and botanist. [1] [2] The standard author abbreviation Jaub. is used to indicate this person as the author when citing a botanical name . [3] French politician and botanist Hippolyte François Jaubert (1860)

#12 Hanna Resvoll-Holmsen

Hanna Marie Resvoll-Holmsen ( née Resvoll) (11 September 1873 in Vågå , Oppland – 13 March 1943 in Oslo ) was a Norwegian botanist – a female pioneer in Norwegian natural history education and nature conservation together with her sister, Thekla Resvoll . Norwegian biologist Hanna Resvoll-Holmsen

#13 Christen Friis Rottbøll

Christen Friis Rottbøll (3 March 1727, at Hørbygård, Denmark – 15 June 1797, in Copenhagen ) was a Danish physician and botanist : He was a pupil of Carolus Linnaeus . Christen Friis Rottbøll Portrait

#14 George Caley

George Caley (10 June 1770 – 23 May 1829) was an English botanist and explorer, active in Australia for the majority of his career. English botanist and explorer in Australia (1770–1829) For aviation pioneer, see George Cayley . George Caley Born ( 1770-06-10 ) 10 June 1770 Craven , Yorkshire , Engl

#15 Kálmán Vánky

Kálmán Géza Vánky (15 June 1930 - 18 October 2021 [1] ) is a Székely-Hungarian mycologist with Swedish and Hungarian citizenship, who lives in Germany. He is considered to be the worldwide authority on the subject of smut fungi and has dominated the taxonomic study of Ustilaginomycetes for at least

#16 Earl Lemley Core

Earl Lemley Core (January 20, 1902 – December 8, 1984) was a botanist and botanical educator, researcher, and author as well as a local West Virginia historian. He was founder of the Southern Appalachian Botanical Club and editor of its journal, Castanea , for thirty-five years. He was a teacher and

#17 Georg Eberhard Rumphius

Georg Eberhard Rumphius (originally: Rumpf ; baptized c. 1 November 1627 – 15 June 1702) was a German -born botanist employed by the Dutch East India Company in what is now eastern Indonesia , and is best known for his work Herbarium Amboinense produced in the face of severe personal tragedies, incl

#18 Moisés Santiago Bertoni

Mosè Giacomo Bertoni (15 June 1857 – 19 September 1929), known in Spanish as Moisés Santiago Bertoni , was an Italian-speaking Swiss naturalist. He emigrated to South America in 1884 and lived in Paraguay from 1887 until he died in 1929. Swiss naturalist This article includes a list of general refer

#19 Joachim Steetz

Joachim Steetz (12 November 1804 – 24 March 1862) [1] [2] was a German botanist. [3] [4] [5] His herbarium , comprising more than 5000 specimens from over 160 collectors and 30 countries was purchased in 1863 by Victorian Government Botanist Ferdinand von Mueller for the sum of 80 pounds. [6] [7] Th

#20 Dixon Denham

Dixon Denham (1 January 1786   – 9 June 1828) was an English soldier, explorer of West Central Africa , and ultimately Governor of Sierra Leone . British explorer and Governor of Sierra Leone An 1826 portrait of Dixon Denham by Thomas Phillips

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Zoo / Zoo

#1 Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium is a public aquarium located in Stanley Park in Vancouver , British Columbia , Canada. In addition to being a major tourist attraction for Vancouver, the aquarium is a centre for marine research, ocean literacy education, climate activism, [7] conservation and marine animal re

#2 Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is the sixth oldest zoo in the United States, founded in 1873 and officially opening in 1875. It is located in the Avondale neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio . It originally began with 64.5 acres (26.1   ha) in the middle of the city, but has spread into the neig

#3 Captive orcas

A number of orcas , also called killer whales, are held in captivity by humans for breeding or performance purposes. The practice of capturing and displaying orcas in exhibitions began in the 1960s, and they soon became popular attractions at public aquariums and aquatic theme parks due to their int

#4 Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo is a zoo located in Toronto , Ontario , Canada. Encompassing 287 hectares (710 acres) , [1] the Toronto Zoo is the largest zoo in Canada. [7] It is divided into seven zoogeographic regions: Indo-Malaya, Africa, Americas, Tundra Trek, Australasia, Eurasia, and the Canadian Domain. Som

#5 Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is a 335-acre (136   ha) African-centered animal theme park located in Tampa, Florida , United States. Owned and operated by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment , the park opened on June 1, 1959. The park has an annual attendance consistently exceeding 4 million, often ranking sec

#6 Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium is located in Draper , Utah , United States . It currently houses 4,500 animals representing 550 species. The public aquarium currently consists of five main exhibits. This article relies excessively on references to primary sources . ( June 2017 ) Aquarium in Uta

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