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Plant / Plant

#1 List of individual trees

The following is a list of notable trees . Trees listed here are regarded as important or specific by their historical, national, locational, natural or mythological context. The list includes actual trees located throughout the world, as well as trees from myths . This is a dynamic list and may nev

#2 All-America Rose Selections

The All-America Rose Selections (AARS) is an award that was given annually, from 1940 to 2013, by the American rose industry to an outstanding new rose variety. The AARS selection was regarded as the most prestigious rose prize in the United States for 73 years. AARS was discontinued after 2013, and

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Researcher / Researcher

#1 Walter Tennyson Swingle

Walter Tennyson Swingle (January 8, 1871 – January 19, 1952) was an American agricultural botanist who contributed greatly to the classification and taxonomy of citrus . Limequat , a citrofortunella hybrid created by Swingle Walter Tennyson Swingle Born ( 1871-01-08 ) January 8, 1871 Canaan , Pennsy

#2 Wu Zhengyi

Wu Zhengyi ( Chinese : 吴征镒 ; June 13, 1916 – June 20, 2013) [1] was a Chinese botanist and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Wu specialized in Botanical Geography and Medicinal Botany. He is also known by the alternative spellings of 'Wu Cheng-yih', [2] 'Wu Zheng Yi' [3] and '

#3 Jac. P. Thijsse

Jacobus Pieter Thijsse (25 July 1865   – 8 January 1945) was a Dutch conservationist and botanist. He founded the Society for Preservation of Nature Monuments in the Netherlands . Dutch conservationist Jac. P. Thijsse In 1925, on the occasion of his 60th birthday he was honored by his friends with t

#4 Truman G. Yuncker

Truman George Yuncker (March 20, 1891 – January 8, 1964) was a taxonomic botanist best known for his work in the family Piperaceae . Yuncker first taught at Manual High School in Indianapolis , Indiana . [1] After service in World War I , he received his doctorate from the University of Illinois in

#5 Alfred Russel Wallace

Alfred Russel Wallace OM FRS (8 January 1823 – 7 November 1913) was a British [1] naturalist , explorer, geographer, anthropologist, biologist and illustrator. [2] He is best known for independently conceiving the theory of evolution through natural selection . His 1858 paper on the subject was publ

#6 Ludwig Reichenbach

Heinrich Gottlieb Ludwig Reichenbach (8 January 1793 – 17 March 1879) was a German botanist and ornithologist . It was he who first requested Leopold Blaschka to make a set of glass marine invertebrate models for scientific education and museum showcasing, the successful commission giving rise to th

#7 James Drummond (botanist)

James Drummond (late 1786 or early 1787   – 26 March 1863) was an Australian botanist and naturalist who was an early settler in Western Australia . Australian botanist (1787–1863) Not to be confused with the botanists James Lawson Drummond (1783–1853) or James Ramsay Drummond (1851–1921). This arti

#8 Carl Christian Mez

Carl Christian Mez (26 March 1866 – 8 January 1944) was a German botanist and university professor. He is denoted by the author abbreviation Mez when citing a botanical name . [1] Grave of Carl Mez in the Freiburg cemetery German botanist Carl Christian Mez Born ( 1866-03-26 ) 26 March 1866 Freiburg

#9 Warren H. Wagner

Warren Herbert Wagner Jr. (August 29, 1920 – January 8, 2000) was an eminent American botanist who was trained at Berkeley with E.B. Copeland and lived most of his professional career in Michigan . American botanist (1920–2000)

#10 Peter Vogelius Deinboll

Peter Vogelius Deinboll (8 January 1783 Copenhagen – 13 May 1874 Aker, Norway ) was a Danish-Norwegian priest, parliamentary representative and entomologist. He was the son of Christian Deinboll and Karen Christiane Holm, and lived most of his adult life in Norway , serving as a vicar in East Finnma

#11 Paul Henri Lecomte

Paul Henri Lecomte (8 January 1856, in Saint-Nabord, Vosges – 12 June 1934, in Paris ) was a French botanist . Paul Henri Lecomte. In 1884, after attaining a number of degrees, Lecomte became a professor at Lycée Saint-Louis in Paris. In addition to his teaching duties, he worked in the botany labor

#12 Charles-Edward Amory Winslow

Charles-Edward Amory Winslow (February 4, 1877 – January 8, 1957) was an American bacteriologist and public health expert who was, according to the Encyclopedia of Public Health , [1] "a seminal figure in public health, not only in his own country, the United States, but in the wider Western world."

#13 John Frost (physician)

Dr John Frost FRSE FSA (1803–1840) was a short-lived but influential physician and botanist who founded the Medico-Botanical Society of London , studying and cataloguing the medicinal properties of plants. [1] [2] He was a controversial and flamboyant figure of the early 19th century.

#14 Andrew Sinclair (botanist)

Andrew Sinclair (13 April 1794 – 26 March 1861) was a British surgeon who was notable for his botanical collections. He served as New Zealand's second Colonial Secretary . Andrew Sinclair Portrait of Andrew Sinclair. 2nd Colonial Secretary of New Zealand In office 6 January 1844   – 7 May 1856 Gover

#15 Tom Harris (botanist)

Professor Thomas Maxwell Harris FRS [1] (8 January 1903 – 1 May 1983) [2] was an English paleobotanist . English paleobotanist (1903–1983)

#16 Georges Kuhnholtz-Lordat

Georges Kuhnholtz-Lordat (8 January 1888 in Montpellier – 5 March 1965 in Montpellier) was a French agronomist and phytogeographer . French agronomist and phytogeographer From 1913 he served as chef de travaux at the École nationale agronomique in Montpelier. He later received his doctorate in scien

#17 John Hutchinson (botanist)

John Hutchinson , OBE , FRS (7 April 1884 Blindburn, Northumberland – 2 September 1972 London ) was an English botanist , taxonomist and author. [1] [2] [3] [4] English botanist and taxonomist (1884-1972) John Hutchinson Born ( 1884-04-07 ) 7 April 1884 Wark on Tyne , Northumberland Died 2 September

#18 Frances Margaret Leighton

Frances Margaret Leighton (8 March 1909 – 8 January 2006) was a South African botanist and educator. After graduating from Rhodes University with her M.Sc degree in 1931, she worked at the Bolus Herbarium until 1947. Her primary research interests were focused on monocots, and her work impacted the

#19 A. A. Henderson

Andrew Augustus Henderson (born Huntingdon County , Pennsylvania , February 14, 1816; died Brooklyn , New York , April 4, 1875) was an American surveyor, navy surgeon, and inventor who is best known today for his work collecting biological specimens.

#20 Joseph Decaisne

Joseph Decaisne (7 March 1807 – 8 January 1882) was a French botanist and agronomist . Joseph Decaisne French botanist and agronomist (1807-1882) He became an aide-naturaliste to Adrien-Henri de Jussieu (1797-1853), who served as the chair of rural botany . It was during this time that he began to s

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Zoo / Zoo

#1 Drusillas Zoo Park

Drusillas Park is a small 10-acre (4.0   ha) zoo near to Alfriston , in East Sussex , UK . Its exhibits are targeted towards children between 2 and 10 years old. It attracts between 350,000 and 370,000 visitors per year [1] and until December 2021 was home to the first Hello Kitty -themed attraction

#2 Memphis Zoo

The Memphis Zoo , located in Midtown, Memphis, Tennessee , United States, is home to more than 3,500 animals representing over 500 different species . Created in April 1906, the zoo has been a major tenant of Overton Park for more than 100 years. The land currently designated to the Memphis Zoo was

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